We are SubscriberCRM

Apr 18 2019

Dataware Consultancy Centre Ltd. will now be known as SubscriberCRM.

Although as a company we are called Dataware Consultancy Centre Ltd, most people know us by the name of our flagship CRM software - SubscriberCRM. To help prevent any confusion for our customers, we will now be known as SubscriberCRM.

This will run across all our social media platforms, our website, and our support services. If you have called our fantastic support line recently, you will have noticed we are already saying SubscriberCRM.

Don’t worry, everyone will still receive the same great service that we have always provided, there are no operational, personnel, management, or ownership changes, and SubscriberCRM will continue to work as it does now; but rather than referring to ourselves as Dataware, we will be known as SubscriberCRM.

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