Contact Campaigns

Organisations of all types and sizes run campaigns at some time or another. The campaign might be to raise awareness of a specific issue, to promote an event or to raise funds. Tracking the interactions with contacts and recording outcomes is vital to successful campaigning.

SubscriberCRM enables a group of contacts to be selected (based on a multitude of configurable criteria) and then targeted for event attendance or donation. Once selected the contacts can be allocated to a campaigner who can add them to one of their lists.

Calls and/or visits can be added to the contact and the results tracked, a donation or pledge added or an appointment re-scheduled. The full history of all interactions can be recorded for future reference and contact development.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Create campaigns of any type
  • Define lists and categorise contacts with tags and colour
  • Mail, email and create a plan for calling and visiting
  • Record outcomes of interaction with contacts
  • Enter pledges and donations directly from appointments
  • Create visit reports