Gift Aid increases the value of donations to charities by allowing them to reclaim basic rate tax on certain types of income (normally subscriptions and donations).

With SubscriberCRM there is no need for additional Gift Aid Software as the Gift Aid module could not be simpler to use – there is no re-keying of existing member details or double entry of payments received. The previously labour intensive task is reduced to an easy process of just a few clicks for reclaiming tax.

SubscriberCRM is fully compatible with HMRC's Charities Online service, allowing electronic submission of Gift Aid claims.

Rules within SubscriberCRM prevent the erroneous collection of tax ensuring that HMRC find no errors in the tax reclaimed.

Once received, signed declarations can easily be stored within the Document Manager in SubscriberCRM for easy access.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Tax reclamation accumulated automatically as part of the payment entry process
  • Compatible with HMRC's Charities Online service
  • Configurable restrictions on the type of payments included
  • Claim as often as you like
  • Very easy to use and error free claims