Every Contact Counts

The Contact Relationship Management Solution For You


Every Contact Counts

The Contact Relationship Management Solution For You

Why Choose SubscriberCRM?

For member-based organisations, including charities, fundraisers, NFPs, Institutes and Associations, managing and sustaining relationships with members is imperative. By engaging with, understanding and keeping in touch with existing members, such organisations promote themselves and thereby retain and attract more members. SubscriberCRM is a one stop CRM software solution to help your organisation grow and succeed through better customer relationship management.


SubscriberCRM's integrated modules form an organisation-wide solution that has the member/contact at the core. This approach provides you with a unique holistic view of your members interactions with your organisation.


SubscriberCRM allows for powerful, structured campaign management. Record every interaction – be it a call, visit, letter, email or text – together with outcomes, to help build relationships with donors and maximise your efforts.


All types of events, courses and conferences can be managed using SubscriberCRM. It's flexible event management system ensures your events run according to plan. And even after the event, the analysis and feedback options are just as effective.


SubscriberCRM provides easy management of volunteers, their skills and the projects to which they are assigned. Accurately keep track of the time spent by volunteers working on any given project and produce detailed reports for analysis.


With SubscriberCRM's security options, you have full control over each user's access and their abilities. Easily manage this with user-defined Roles or, for ultimate control, tailor permissions for individual Users.


SubscriberCRM works with the systems you already use day to day. Microsoft Office, Sage Accounts, MailChimp – these are just a few examples of the systems that SubscriberCRM supports.

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