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SubscriberCRM combines the latest development technology with industry best practice to provide a solution designed to run an Association by including functionality for collecting subscriptions, event registration, CPD, committees and more. It gives a 360 degree view of your member data and activity and allows all departments to input into and see data in one system enabling you to develop a rounded view and a better understanding of your members.


The management of membership subscriptions is a core activity of Associations and SubscriberCRM has been developed to provide a comprehensive subscription management solution for membership and non-membership dues. Current, lapsed and prospective members are easily identified for communications and for serving your members effectively.

Training & Events

SubscriberCRM’s scalable event management system ensures your events of all types run according to plan identifying not only the delegates but also the costs, resources and facilitators. Invoices can be created and emailed for single and group bookings. With the capability of taking bookings online the whole process from planning to delivery is streamlined..

Payment Collection

Subscriptions, event bookings and product sales create an indebtedness within SubscriberCRM for the contact. Payments can be accepted in many ways including cheque, credit card, accept payments made by all sources including Direct Debits. The whole cycle of dues creation, payment recording and unpaid dues chasing is robust and comprehensive.

Enquiries & Cases

SubscriberCRM's Enquiries Management module allows users to record and track enquiries and improve the service performance offered to your members. Enquiries can then be escalated to Advice and Representation where further member support is required.

Branches & Groups

Branches, committees and special interest groups can be created in the Groups Module enabling all the members of the groups as well as any officers to be recorded. Communications can be easily sent to the selected group members.


Communication with members is a vital function in the administration of an Association which enables you to promote your work and inform your members. SubscriberCRM enables letters, emails and texts to be sent to all selected segments of your membership with the option to record them too.

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