Volunteer Management

For many organisations volunteers provide vital help that organisations need to fulfil their aims. Their time committed can be extremely valuable and these assets should be utilised as efficiently as possible and their efforts recorded.

SubscriberCRM's Volunteers module enables the easy management of volunteers, their skills and the projects to which they are assigned. The time recording screen allows all time spent by volunteers working on a particular project to be recorded. Reports can be produced that detail the projects, the time spent and also the value of the time spent by volunteers.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Volunteer availability recorded down to 1/2 day slots
  • Their skills, interests and volunteering areas are defined
  • Volunteers can be selected on availability, skill and locality then emailed or mailed
  • Projects can be defined and volunteers assigned
  • Working parties created and entered to record time spent and value of work carried out
  • Many reports can be extracted