Why Choose SubscriberCRM?

Musicians' Union

Dez Straub
Membership Systems Manager

Dez from the Musicians' Union discusses why they choose to work with SubscriberCRM and how it compliments their organisation.

April 2019

Royal Signals Benevolent Fund

Rebecca Hollands
C2 Business Support

Rebecca from the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund shares how they use SubscriberCRM to keep their members informed and how it allows the charity to be more agile.

May 2019

Royal Forestry Society

Zoe Knight
Membership Services Coordinator

Zoe from the Royal Forestry Society explains how she and her colleagues utilise SubscriberCRM in their day to day roles.

June 2019

Read more about the many ways SubscriberCRM has helped our customers with all aspects of their contact relationship management.

2013 was a big year for the Institute of Medical Ethics (IME) as it recruited its first members of staff, set up its first office, begin taking online payments and became a membership organisation all within a 9 month period. It needed a partner to work with in order to make this huge change as simply and efficient as possible, and found one with Dataware through its SubscriberCRM software. After looking at several possible solutions the IME decided that the, seemingly unique, way that Dataware sells its product enabled it to start using a small element of its database and then grow into other areas without needing to pay any additional fees.

The way that members joining and booking conferences online are integrated simply into SubscriberCRM has meant that minimal staffing is required to manage the administration of these products freeing up staff to look at other areas of the business. The software is just one element of the relationship that the IME values as it builds the charity; the relationship that has been built with Dataware staff means that comments and questions on the product have been integrated in future software updates which makes the product fulfil more and more of the IME's needs as time goes on.

Phil Greenwood Chief Executive, Institute of Medical Ethics

SubscriberCRM was implemented on time and to budget late in 2012, and successfully supported the membership renewal process. The new system provides on-line facilities for members to revise their personal details and pay their subscriptions. The system supplier, Dataware, has proved to be an excellent choice in terms of both service and quality.

Steve Jarvis IT Committee Chairman, Royal Philatelic Society London

I have processed the Gift Aid claim and there were a few error messages, similar to when I used Charities Online with their spreadsheets before. With that info, I was able to sort out the half dozen items which didn't get accepted (e.g. entries having O instead of 0 or v.v. in postcodes etc.) After I went through and corrected I tried again and it worked straight away. I wish we had SubscriberCRM years ago as it was so easy to do!

Ben Divers Lincolnshire's Lancaster Association

I want to thank you for the brilliant support you've given to us over the last couple of years.

Mary-Ellen Cairns Institute of Group Analysis

...Thank you for the outstanding customer service and support that we have had from your team.

This has been since design, implementation and go-live and the service has been fantastic. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the response times for queries are amazing. We were just saying earlier how great the customer service and support is so – I just thought I’d drop you an email to say thanks!

Melanie Dean Training and Sales Manager, Druglink

The training was great and Camilla and myself spent Friday adding profiles, groups and all sorts of things! It will truly revolutionise our office.

Lisa Avis Administration Manager, UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

…thank you to you and all of your wonderful SubscriberCRM team for being the most helpful database team I have ever worked with, can't thank you all enough!

Sacha Taylor-Morrall Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

I Love Subscriber!

Hilary Kavanagh Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution

Your team were so fantastically helpful and professional (as ever!) when I was having a tricky day on Monday and I am always so grateful for their patience and support!

Sarah Stapylton Smith Voice of the Listener & Viewer

…I am so grateful to you, and the whole team for your expertise, patience and understanding and speedy responses – please pass on my sincere thanks – I am so pleased we found you!

Sarah Overend Office Manager, Highgate Literary & Scientific Institution