Welfare & Benevolence

For many charities and other grant giving organisations, financially supporting people in need may be a service they provide. The SubscriberCRM Benevolence section enables grants to be recorded against the individual, specifying what it is for, the frequency of payment, who it is paid to and how much is given.

The source of the funding can also be recorded where the charity acts to apply for grants from other organisations, on behalf of the individual.

Payments can be recorded, and where grants are paid periodically, a list of payments to made can be produced.

A number of reports can be created giving lists of grants made in a period, analysed in several ways.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Quickly record the applicant’s details
  • Track the application’s progress
  • Add a description of the application
  • Record the type of grant and source of funding
  • Enter payee details for 3rd party payments
  • Enter when the payment is to be made
  • Record number of payments and amount
  • Easily send emails
  • Store relevant documents against application
  • Analyse giving over a period