Important Changes to Bacs Reports Downloaded in XML

Dec 02 2017

If you process Direct Debits then you may have received an email from Bacs explaining that they will be changing the way they generate XML reports.

Bacs will be generating the XML reports in line with current standards and the existing "old" standards of generating the XML reports will become obsolete.

SubscriberCRM is able to read in the ADDACS XML report and the ARUDD XML report to make processing of this quicker and easier.

Good news! SubscriberCRM is already compatible with how Bacs will be generating these XML reports.

What are the changes that Bacs are making to the XML files?

The XML reports generated by the new server will be populated with "self-closing tags" in place of separate "open" and "close" tags for empty fields that appear in the reports currently produced. "Self-closing" tags are an integral part of the new standard and as you are using SubscriberCRM, you will not be impacted by this change.

These changes are as a result of an industry-driven technical upgrade and Bacs will be generating the reports from a new server.

When will Bacs will making this change occur?

Bacs will begin migrating reports from the current server to the new server from mid-February 2018, with the view to having all reports migrated by mid-March 2018.

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