Change Log


Released: 22/02/2018

Saving Exports

Exports that are performed from Grids, Crystal Reports and the Reports screens are now saved. This facility can be enabled or disabled by going to 'Edit > Settings > Organisation Details > Save Exports'. The exports can be viewed by going to 'Edit > Export History' and this is only available to Administrators.

Document Manager Files

A contact's document manager files are now deleted when a contact is permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin, not when the contact is deleted from the Contacts screen.

Web Sync - Modifications - New Subscriptions and Payments

When a new subscription was accepted and there was a payment made for it, the payment may have not always got associated against the specific subscription. This has been resolved. Also if the payment method of the new payment has been set, this will now get set on the actual payment when it is imported.

Grid Exports

There was an issue when exporting a grid to Microsoft Excel where the date columns couldn't be ordered by date; they were being ordered by its text. This has been resolved.

Password Protect Microsoft Excel Exports

When exporting to Microsoft Excel, it is now possible to specify a password to protect the file. This can be enabled by going to Edit > Settings > Import & Export Settings > Password Protection.

Microsoft Excel Exports

If there was an issue when exporting data to a cell in Microsoft Excel, e.g. the length of the text was too long for what Microsoft Excel supports, an error would be shown and the file would not be exported. The error is now suppressed and the file is exported; the erroneous cell will be left empty.

Consent Preferences

Contacts consent preferences are now built into SubscriberCRM. The consent categories can be tailored to your specific requirements. These could including Fundraising, Events, Newsletter; anything that you need to get consent for. Merge Documents and Combined Merges can be setup to take a consent category into account, so that only those contacts who have given the specific consent will receive that particular merge.

Right to be Forgotten

If someone 'requests to be forgotten' and you have no lawful or legitimate reason to keep their information, then you would delete their contact record. If however you do have a lawful or legitimate reason to keep their details, you can record that they requested to be forgotten, within the Notes area. A specific Note Type of 'Right to be Forgotten Request' has been added so this request can be recorded.

Remote Assistance

We are now using TeamViewer to gain ad-hoc remote access for support. The 'Help > Remote Assistance' option has been updated to navigate to the TeamViewer website.


'Added' and 'Last Updated' information is now displayed on a group.

Merging from Events

The order in which the sub event bookings are listed within the merge data source has changed. Rather than them just being ordered by the sub event title, they are now ordered by the sub event date and then sub event title.

New Contacts Wizard

When merging a new contact with an existing contact within the 'New Contacts Wizard' and the Subscriptions are selected to be merged, all the contacts existing subscriptions would get lapsed. This has changed so that existing membership subscriptions will get lapsed if a membership subscription is to be imported. Also an existing subscription will get lapsed if the contact is importing the same type of subscription.

Recycle Bin

It is now possible to automatically delete contacts and events from the recycle bin. You can set the number of months you would like to automatically delete items within 'Edit > Settings > Organisation Details > Delete From Recycle Bin'. To disable this feature, please leave the setting blank.

Gift Aid

Changes made to the gift aid details screen are now recorded in the Audit Trail.

Contacts - CPD Items

It is now possible to right click on the CPD Items grid and select to export to Microsoft Excel.

Contacts Unique Reference

A unique reference has been added to a contact that will allow us to be able to update consent preferences without having the contact to be logged in.

New Contacts Wizard

'Access Requirements' and 'Dietary Needs' have been added to the New Contacts Wizards so this information can be entered when creating a new contact. Also these fields will be automatically filled when creating a new contact from a delegate.

Crystal Reports

There is an issue with Crystal Reports where extra characters would be added to the output when exporting a Crystal Report to PDF and the Calibri font was used. A fix for this is to add an entry to the registry. This registry entry will now automatically get added when SubscriberCRM is installed.