Change Log


Released: 17/04/2024

CPD Items

The Comments field on a CPD Item now includes scrollbars to make it easier to read long comments.

Microsoft 365 Email Account

There was an issue where authentication tokens were being requested too often when sending emails using a Microsoft 365 email account. This has been resolved.

Import Contacts Wizard - Select Import Definition

The description has been corrected on the Import Contacts Wizard - Select Import Definition dialog.

Xero Integration

The 'Net Adjustment' field on an Invoice Line is now being taken in account when transferring an invoice to Xero.

Xero Integration

There was an issue when transferring a donation payment to Xero, where duplicate Xero invoices may have been created if the Xero payment previously failed to get created. This has been resolved.

Xero Integration

Tracking information is now included when creating invoices in Xero. The tracking details come from the Department of the Nominal Code of the item.

Total Annual Subscription Amount Dashboard Widgets

Subscriptions where the frequency is 'Never Renew' are now excluded from the calculations within the 'Total Annual Subscription Amount...' Dashboard Widgets.

Contact Rules and Mandatory Fields

The Contact Rules and Mandatory Field checks are no longer run when a Contact is deleted.

Mailgun API Email Account

The 'sender name' was not being set when sending emails using a Mailgun API email account. This has been resolved.

SMTP Email Account

Additional settings have been added to an SMTP email account. This includes being able to set the encryption method and determine if the certificate revocation should be checked.

Transfer to Accounts

It is now possible to right-click on a grid within the Transfer to Accounts screen to export it to Microsoft Excel.

NeverBounce Integration

Any email address verifications that return the "Accept All (Unverifiable)" status from NeverBounce, will now show as inconclusive instead of invalid.

New Dashboard Widgets

There are some new Dashboard widgets including, 'Number of Current Members by Membership Class Description', 'Number of Current Members by Main Group', and 'Number of Current Members by Main Group Parent Group'.

Changing Contact from Current

There was a situation where some unexpected payment demands were being withdrawn when changing a Contacts Status from Current. This has been resolved.

New Contacts Wizard

It is now possible to include the mobile number in the duplicate check within the New Contacts Wizard.

Events Sync

A booker within the Events Sync will show as green if their outstanding balance is £0.00, otherwise they will show as red. This makes it easier to see if a booker is due to pay.

Write Off Payment Demands in Bulk

It is now possible to 'write off' payments demands in bulk. This can be done from Payments > Financial Reporting > Already Generated Demands.