Change Log


Released: 11/07/2023

Update Wizard

The introduction tab of the Update Wizard wasn't being coloured green after progressing when SubscriberCRM is hosted in the cloud. Also, on this dialog a Subscriber reference was renamed to SubscriberCRM.

Creating New Contacts

An error would appear when creating a new contact when not using the New Contacts Wizard. This has been resolved.

Sage 50 Accounting Settings

It was not possible to tick or untick which Demand or Payment Details should get transferred to Sage 50 within the Sage 50 Accounting Settings. This has been resolved.

New Contacts Wizard

When importing a new contact from Web Sync using the New Contacts Wizard, the Eve. Phone field is now copied across.


An error would appear when manually creating a new Delegate in the Events screen. This has been resolved.

Event - Sub Event - Profiles

Profiles have been added to an Event - Sub Event.


If an Event has compulsory or default Sub Events, but there are not enough places when a delegate is added, a message will appear to inform the user that the Sub Event(s) weren't automatically added to the delegate.


It is now possible to view the Delegates that have booked onto a Sub Event. To do this, right click on the Sub Event and click the 'View Delegates' option.


It is now possible to reload the Funds that appear in the listing. To do this, right click on the listing and click the 'Reload Funds' option.

Web Sync - Modifications - Gift Aid

The 'Received By' field in 'Web Sync > Modifications > Gift Aid' now includes the 'Hand' option.

Emailing Screen From Account Selection

More information is now being shown in the 'From' account selection on the Emailing screen.