Change Log


Released: 10/06/2019

Mail Merging

An update to Microsoft Word caused an issue where it wouldn't always complete a mail merge. This has been resolved.

Import Contacts Wizard

There is now an option within the Import Contacts Wizard that will set the Contact Id to a duplicate if one duplicate has been found. This option can be found on the Action menu.

Manage Duplicate Contacts

When checking for duplicates within the Manage Duplicate Contacts screen using the 'external reference' field, it was not expanding to show the results. This has been resolved.

Manage Duplicate Contacts

Communications and Groups can now be transferred independently from one contact to an another within the Manage Duplicate Contacts screen. Previously these options were included in the Financials option.

Import Contacts Wizard / Nominal Roll Import

The field 'Address - Use for Emailing' can now be imported through the Import Contacts Wizard and Nominal Roll Import.


The same skill can be added to a volunteer multiple times which allows for a history of skills to be kept against that volunteer.

Contacts - Welfare Grants

The 'First Name' column title has been corrected on the Welfare Grants grid on the Contacts screen.

Audit Trail

The data type of old and new values in the audit trail have been updated to nvarchar(max).


The maximum length of usernames allowed in SubscriberCRM has increased.

Charity Reference

The maximum length of the Charity Reference field has been increased.

Reports - All Subscriptions

Removed duplicated selection field 'Subscription Detail Id' from 'All Subscriptions' reports.

Import Contacts Wizard / Nominal Roll Import

When an address is updated through the Import Contacts Wizard or the Nominal Roll Import the address will automatically have the Mail Returned information cleared.

Contacts - Groups

The Parent Group and Parent Group Code are now displayed in the Groups tab on the Contacts screen.


The Added On, Added By, Last Updated On, and Last Updated By fields have been added to the Volunteers search screen.

Updated to .NET Framework 4.8

SubscriberCRM has been updated to use .NET Framework 4.8. This does increase the minimum requirements of SubscriberCRM. Please make sure all users are running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or above before performing the update to SubscriberCRM. A key reason for the update to the .NET Framework is to improve security particularly around the cryptographic protocols used, i.e. TLS 1.2 will be used as default if this is set as the system default. During the installation of the application, the .NET Framework 4.8 will automatically be installed if it is not already installed on the system.

Merging Payments Information

When performing a merge that includes payment information, e.g. from a Payment Batch, selected information about the payment batch will now be included against the payment.

Merge Settings

Fixed issue where the merge settings would show as being modified even after they had been saved.

Merge Data

Event delegate profiles are now included in the merge data (if the profiles have been selected to be included) when performing a merge that includes event delegate information.


It is now possible to create an invoice for a pledge payment demand.

Improved SQL Server Transient Fault Handling

Transient fault handling has been improved in SubscriberCRM. This helps to reduce some connection issues particularly when using an Azure SQL Database.

TextLocal Integration

TextLocal have modified their API and now require an API Key rather than a Username and Hash. SubscriberCRM has been updated accordingly. If TextLocal is being used, please update the settings in SubscriberCRM by adding your TextLocal API Key. This can be done by going to 'Edit > Settings > 3rd Party Integration > SMS'.